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For our loyal clients selected stylists offer $5.00 off any service for any referrals. Call to reserve your appointment today. 360-697-8443.

Our salon wants to make sure you maintain the integrity of you hair, so we provide product lines to accomodate your needs. Scruples, Bain De Terre, Mailibu 2000 Nioxin and more.

Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy: This is a specially formulated revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment for the hair that reduces up to 95% of frizz and smoothes curl. This advanced formula restores and restructures hair by infusing a special blend of natural keratin deep into the cuticle. The keratin is then bonded into the cuticle and heated with our specially designed flat iron to relax the hair's sub-cuticle layer. This treatment will last approx. 4-6 months and can be provided after a color service. However this service will take approx. 2 1/2 hrs to provide. Introduction deals are now available. $350.00 (Intro. will include service, free follow-up service, and hair care products for home.) "This is not a chemical relaxer" By Linda, Ashley, Peggy and Kaley

Keratin Complex Express Blowout: This express treatment redefines and expands the keratin category. This is a one hour in-salon service to reduce frizz up to 95% and smooth curl. With a unique formulation Keratin Complex Express Blow Out infuses the highest quality Keratin in the shortest amount of time. This service can be provided after a color service as well. This service will last approx. 4-6 weeks. Introduction deals are available as well. $150.00 (Includes service and hair care products for home.) "This is a not a chemical relaxer" By Linda, Ashley and Kaley

Haircuts: Starting with a consultation, and moving onto a relaxing shampoo, we will begin your designer cut with the latest trendy style to fit your face shape, lifestyle and budget. Finishing with detailing, a blowdry and style.

Womens: $35.00

Mens: $ 25.00

Children $ 20.00

*Prices listed above are salon prices for full service haircuts* We also include a complimentary haircut with any chemical service. Always consult with your stylists for pricing.

Colors: $90 and up

Colors vary from many different techniques and looks. Our professional stylists have the skills that come with experience to create a unique look.

All over Color/Color Touch up: We will prescibe a color that best fits your skin tones and your desires. We touch up a grown out color and if needed we can combine it with the veiling technique to balance out those ends that have faded in between. This will give you a refreshed look and feeling.  We include a complimentary haircut and style for any colors we provide to give you the ultimate experience. Starting at $90.00

T/up & Partial Foil: This is the best of both worlds. We foil with hilights or low lights or combine both and with skill we will touch up your roots all in one appointment. Starting at $120.00


Hilighting: This  creative technique has alot of variations to design the look you are wanting. This can be bold or subtle, and involve all hair or only portions of it by proper placement of foils, balyage or painting techniques. Our modern coloring methods add true demension to style down to the natural movement of the hair.

Low Lighting:  This is a coloring technique that adds real depth to your hair color. This is similar to the Twilighting. Our skilled stylists can weave up to three different colors into your hair. Anywhere from weaving few strands here and there or foiling with a chunky method for a more dramatic, trendy look.                                                                                                                                                       

Twilighting: Twilighting is when you want your lighter hair color to show the least change. Our method will create dimension by adding a few darker tones to your "too light" of a color. We will use our foiling method to achieve this subtle change.                                                                 

Veiling: Brightens and enhances old flat hair color by applying a semi-permanent glaze and chosing a richer tone over a permanent shade. This is one way to let your hair shine and enhance its beauty.        

Cap coloring: Pulling small fine pieces of hair through a weave cap. This process is most often used in highlighting, twilighting, and lowlighting. The effect is a subtle change that enhances your basic hair color. It will also help to camouflage gray and/or roots growing back after a permanent hair color. This method is famous to help those that color their hair and want to go back to their natural color with out the pain of all the grow out lines and used as a blending technique.                                                                               
Perms: Hair too flat? need some body not frizz? We can create a firm, medium or light natural wave. We have perming techniques that will give you a great designer look with out the high prices.

* Please note: additional charges may apply for length and extra application use. Please consult with your stylist*

Other services offered: $15 and up

Facial Waxing: Whether you would like to enhance your eyes with a brow waxing or clean up unwanted facial hair we do it for you.

Roller Sets: For those who like to have defined wave to last more than one day this is for you. We have select stylist to give you the weekly hold you will need.

Shampoo/blow/iron: Feeling like you want to just have a pampering moment? Come in and relax and let us do all the work.

Deep Cond. Treatment: Minerals, medication, hard water and poor enviorment drying out your hair. We will deep cleanse your hair with a gentle shamoo, apply a deep penetrating treatment that will sit with heat for 15min. under a dryer to help rebuild the porosity your hair was lacking. Finish with a rinse and blowdry.

Malibu Treatment: This treatment is highly recommended if you have problems with your color fading too fast, hard well water, taking alot of medication, or have had surgery. This treatment gently exfoliates the hair shaft taking off the build up.

Wedding, Proms, special occasions we do it all. Call and reserve your appointment today.